february 22, 2020



A-Z Hacks is a student led, nonprofit 12 hour hackathon for high schoolers that primarily focuses on encouraging coders of all skill levels to innovate and create programs that can revolutionize and improve lives. A-Z Hacks intends to create an environment for students of all skill levels in the coding field to come and innovate using their creativity.

LinkedIn’s Women In Tech is hosting a Code[In] Camp the week of February 18th – 21st. The camp is for girls and non-binary high school students at least 16 years of age. No prior coding experience necessary. 

The camp will be held at LinkedIn’s Sunnyvale office. 



Please read over the A-Z Hacks Code of Conduct


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Interested in sponsoring? Contact us at team@a-zhacks.com



LinkedIn Mountain View




First Place

(Team of 4)

AirPods Pros

Wolfram One Pro

Second Place

(Team of 4)

Razer Black-Widow Gaming Keyboard

$50 Amazon Gift Cards 

Wolfram One Pro

Third Place

(Team of 4)

$100 Amazon Gift Cards 

Wolfram One Pro

Best Beginner Hack

(Team of 4)

SoundCore Speakers 

Hyper X Fury Mouse Pads

Wolfram One Pro

Best Duo Hack

(Team of 2)

Hyper X Gaming Keyboards

Portable Phone Chargers 

Best Pitch

(Team of 2-4)

AirPods 2


Nishi Kaura



I am currently a sophomore attending Lynbrook High School. I have been programming since an early age. I enjoy coding in Java, Python, and other languages in my free time. I am excited to serve as one of the co founders of A-Z Hacks

Rahul Kaura



I am currently a sophomore attending Lynbrook High School. I love to program in Java,Python, and leverage AI and ML for a greater impact. I am so hyped to be one of the co-founders of A-Z Hacks!

Impana Chimmalagi

Tech Officer


I am currently a sophomore attending Wilcox High School. Since the fourth grade, I have been coding on many platforms. These languages include Python, JavaScript, Pascal, HTML, CSS, and a few others. I am very excited to serve as a Tech Officer of A-Z Hacks!

Arya Ramchander

Event Officer


I am currently a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I love to program in Java and I am looking forwards to serving as an Event Officer of A-Z Hacks!

Swetha Rajkumar

Event Officer


I am a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I like software development and enjoy programming in Java and other languages. I'm excited to be part of the A-Z Hacks team as an Events Officer and make an impactful contribution! 

Oleksandr Gorpynich

Tech Officer


Hey, I am a sophomore at Branham High School and I am looking forward to bringing A - Z Hacks to life as a Tech Officer. I enjoy coding in Python, JavaScript, html, CSS and Unity C#. I am excited to be a Tech Officer for A-Z Hacks!

Kevin Choe 

Event Officer


I am a senior at Mission San Jose High School. I enjoy programming in Java, C++, and Python and host various high school hackathons. I was part of Hack Club's Flagship19 and I'm ready to launch A-Z Hacks as an event officer!

Mukul Natarajan 

Event Officer


I am a sophomore at Dublin High School. I enjoy programming in python and making products using Arduino/Raspberry Pi. I am excited to be a part of the A-Z Hacks Team as an Event Officer!

Gavin Wong 

Event Officer


I am a junior at Lynbrook High School, and enjoy programming in Java, Python, and Swift. I am super excited to be an event officer for A-Z Hacks


Contact team@a-zhacks.com